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Important dates

Oct 2: Regular season opener vs Devils at Philips Arena, 7PM
Oct 7: My first regular season game vs Detroit.


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Nov 12: Thrashers 1 - Devils 5
Do they even practice penalty killing?
Patience is the key when you play against us... Sooner or later, we will have a brain fart! Scorer: Buzek (4)

Nov 10: Thrashers 1 - Panthers 4
Bureless Panthers handle offenseless Thrashers
On the bright side, Stefan woke up from his deep freeze! Scorer: Stefan (3)

Nov 5: Free agent Tabaracci signed as backup goalie
We signed journeyman goalie Rick Tabaracci as an insurance policy in goals now that Schwab is out and Maracle is hurt. He signed for league minimum, which is 500,000$ in the NHL and 75,000$ in the IHL. I will be accepting canned food for him and his family. The Thrashers are is 7th team. No-nonesense game summary


Only 1.5 months before Christmas... Buy your Thrashers gear here, now!

  Recent news:

    - Jody Hull traded to the Flyers -full story-
    - Vujtek reassigned to the Czech Republic Elite league
    - Solar Bears up-date: Botteril with 3 goals, 2 assist in 4 games;
    - Scwhab traded to Vancouver for 3rd to 5th rounder.
    - Prochazka reassigned to Czech league
    - I put a list of the players regular season numbers on the players page.
    - See the practice schedule

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This Thrashers Fan Page will be one year old Friday, October 8. Boy. A lot happened in those 12 months. We got our first GM, players, coach, pre-season and inaugural game. I got a baby girl, less hair and a domain name.

I had no clear idea of what I wanted to do. Still don't... I got tired of looking everywhere for info about the team so, I decided to build my own. I was trying to put stuff not on the official Atlanta Thrashers web site. They are doing a better job but it is still difficult to find the information you want. I also got tired of waiting 5 minutes for their main page to download (I still have a 14.4 modem). I promised myself I would build a lean page with as little bells and whistles as possible. I haven't really achieved that goal! I am one of those people who never throws anything away but I'm working on that ;-)

When all will be said and done, this page will have had more than 13,000 page views from 20 countries (my two favorite: Uruguay and Malaysia!). I hope you are able to find what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to drop me a line and to make suggestions.

I put to MY Thrashers team song: Cum on feel the noize by Oasis (originally by Quiet Riot). It's in MP3 format. Here is a link to the player I use. archives

Quote of the week: 
"Jerk that he is, he's always wearing that smirking grin that makes you want to punch him in the face." - Mike Milbury on Ulf Samuelsson, yet to be signed.

Click here to see what an actual thrasher looks like.


Games: You will find here my commentaries on every games, complete with who rocked, who sucked and the phone number of that blind referee. If your looking for box scores, go to  ESPN. Just whats and whys here, baby.

News: Waiver draft on Monday, Sept. 27; Yegorov arrives late and out of shape; Karlsson temporarely sent to Orlando.

Players: A list of the roster by position and links to stats. See my original comments After Thornton (Bos) and Lecavalier (Tam), don't expect 50 goals from Stefan next year. I am still waiting a call from the Thrashers to fill that 4th line left-wing spot.

Stats: Just the basic and who-need-to-know numbers. I will also post your own two-cents. Comments welcomed (including grammar, because, you see, I am a  transfer from Quebec, land of the Lafleur, Lemieux, Richard and 7 million hockey fans with names you can't pronounce correctly).

Links: Guess what's in there... See the Atlanta Thrashers web ring and the hockey web ring. Let me know if you want that I add yours.

Regular Season
last 10
@TAM T 4-4
@NYR L 1-4
COL RT 2-3
CAL W 2-1
@TOR L 0-4
OTT L 4-6
TAM W 4-1
@BOS L 2-4
@FLO L 1-4
@NYI W 2-0
Matt Johnson, Groin, Played: 10/31
Peter Buzek, Flu, Played: 10/31
Patrik Stefan, (Ear) Played 11/3
Maxim Galanov (Wrist): 2-3 weeks.
Norm Maracle (Ankle): 1 week
Top 6 scorers
Brunette 8-6-14
Emerson 2-8-10
Ferraro 2-6-8
Stefan 3-3-6
Buzek 4-2-6
Buchberger 2-4-6
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so you can believe everything I say!!.
Much like the team, this site is under construction so look from time to time to see what's new.
The graphics are owned by whoever I took them from (probably Ted).
Last update: November 13, 1999.

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