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  ROSTER CHART (as of 11/2/99) with jersey numbers.

Left Wing
Right Wing
15 Andrew Brunette
21 Ray Ferraro
16 Kelly Buchberger
29 Johan Garpenlov
13 Patrik Stefan*
19 Nelson Emerson
10 Denny Lambert
14 Mike Stapleton
42 Ed Ward
 98 Marc Verreault
39 Per Svartvadet
25 Steve Staios
17 Matt Johnson
x Eric Bertrand
________________ ______________ _______________
8 Darryl Shannon
5 Gord Murphy
28 Kevin Dean
33 Maxim Galanov
38 Yannick Tremblay
1 Damian Rhodes
4 Chris Tamer
6 David Harlock
34 Norm Maracle
 66 Jean Gaudreault
 2 Petr Buzek
________________ ________________ ________________

 All players are currently under contract! The depth chart is according to me.

Sent to the minors or released (does not inclued unsigned drafties):
Forwards Defensemen Goalies
Bryan Adams 
Mark Beaufait 
Reggie Berg 
Hugo Boisvert 
Shawn Carter 
Kirby Law 
Jeff Martin 
Sean Ritchlin 
Tomi Kallio 
Mark Phipps 
Chris Marinucci 
Joel Ward 
Cail Maclean 
Dean Sylvester 
Dan Snyder
Andreas Karlsson
Herbert Vasiljevs
Sylvain Cloutier
Bob Lachance
Jason Botteril
Alexei Yegorov
Jody Hull
Jeff Williams
Martin Prochazka
Vladimir Vuktek
Barry Dreger 
Terry Hollinger 
Curtis Murphy 
Mike Muzechka 
 Gordie Kinnear 
Vladimir Sicak
Sergei Vyshedkevich
Geordie Kinnear
Brett Clark
Scott Fankhouser
Scott Langkow
Corey Schwab

First impressions:

I was 4/26… I hope I will do better with my future predictions!!!

Yikes… Why Schwab? Why Ward? Where's the speed? Let's just say that we won't make the playoffs right away. I stayed away from the europeen in my predictions because I don't know squat about them. We will have good goaltending but I don't see anybody who could score more than 15 goals. After that, I don't know who will want to coach those 13 third linemen. Well. I was not expecting a miracle. Just a few names I could recognize with a positive light…



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